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Philippa R. Thomas, Headteacher
Aberdare Park Primary School

I have had the benefit of using Eves Supply Agency since its inception and have been delighted with the service they have provided. Our school is currently undergoing enormous changes through an amalgamation process and no one day is ever the same, with a vast range of challenges and a great deal of staff changes! Supply teachers are in great demand when teachers are out of class to support raising achievements in the three schools or due to sickness; for our children consistency and high quality teaching is essential and Eves always go the extra mile to provide this.

The agency has made every effort to get to know our school personally and to understand the particular skill set needed to work here. They send familiar teachers to the school so that the staff and children can build good relationships; this obviously benefits the agency employee as well as the school. Their teachers are well prepared as Eves ensures that they are fully equipped to meet the demands of each school, and the support staff are energetic, enthusiastic and well prepared to become part of the team for the duration of the time they spend with us be it one day, one week or one month.

In addition the agency has helped us find suitable staff for long-term cover and have worked with us for the benefit of both the school and the supply teacher or support staff member.

The company always listens to feedback provided from our leadership team and if, very rarely, there is a concern they make every effort to respond in a productive and positive manner. I would not hesitate in recommending Eves as a supply service.

Gill Cheverton, Headteacher
Aberdare Town Church in Wales Primary School

We have received supply cover teachers and learning support assistants from EVES teaching agency for many years. We have always found the agency reliable and helpful when selecting staff for deployment within the school. Staff have always been fully checked and are well supported by the agency. Staff are always on hand and do their best to match the school to it’s employees. Staff who come to school have always been helpful and supportive of the educational development of the pupils in their charge, which reflects the care that the agency takes in it’s placements.

Lloyd Thomas, Headteacher
Cwmbach Church in Wales Primary School

Eves provide a friendly, reliable and efficient service at all times.  Whether for immediate, short-term requirements or longer term supply they have always been helpful and professional.  Eves are always our first point of contact when we have a staffing issue.

Teaching Staff


I have been with Eves for the last seven years and find them to be a friendly and fair company to work for. Eves suits my working needs as more often than not the schools are local. On the occasions you may need to go further afield work is always shared out fairly between staff.

Having just returned to work after maternity leave, Eves have made my transition from ‘mammy’ back to ‘teacher’ as easy as possible by being flexible and supportive.

I enjoy the supply work as I am able to experience a wide range of schools, age groups and subjects.