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About us

Elizabeth Vaughan

Liz obtained a business degree in management at the Polytechnic of North London in 1989 and in recent years a Postgraduate Certificate in Education.   After working in the recruitment industry for 10 years she founded Eves UK Limited in 2000.   In 2012 Liz stepped down form the running of the day to day business to concentrate on a full time teaching career.

Jason Vaughan
General Manager

Jason joined Eves as the new General Manager in September 2012.  Having obtained a law degree from Polytechnic of North London in 1989 and a teaching certificate in 1994,  Jason has spent the last 23 years in senior management roles within the recruitment industry.  He is taking responsibility for out of office hours trading.






Beth Carroll
Senior Compliance Manager

Beth obtained a joint honours degree in English Literature and Informatics at University of Wales Lampeter and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. Beth joined Eves in 2001 shortly after it was established. Beth takes responsibility for accounts, pay rolling and invoicing. She also has regular contact with staff and schools.